Thursday, May 25, 2017

Mommy Misses Minecraft

There are days I don't get close to sitting down and playing Minecraft. It makes me sad, adulting comes first. I FINALLY have time to play and what am I doing, blogging lol.
well CHEERS, HUZZAH I love Minecraft!

Friday, May 19, 2017

Slime Farm Overflow

The slime farm I made is really pumping out the slimeballs! I have lots of double chests full of them, they are coming out of my ears! Im wondering it its time to shut this farm down?! I can put slabs on the platforms until or if I ever need more slimes.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

NEW Sugar Cane Farm and Silo

I got the new sugar cane farm built up and it's already flowing so nicely. This is still the same design, by impulseSV on youtubes, the only thing different is the hopper clock items, it its 64 and 6 items now. 7 layers, hooked up to an item elevator and I have already erected the collection silo, I think it looks great.


Monday, May 15, 2017

Breeding Explosion

Wowzers! I fed these guys, and while I was moving our cane farm, these guys bred so much. There were so many that a couple had glitched through the sides and were wandering around! I killed off a bunch of guys, mainly the nitwits, and a few of the others. Even after the slaughter these guys were down to making more! Just check out this screen shot.
 I moved the cane farm underground, it was just too much in the way above ground, it was blocking the view of the bridge from the spawn base community house. Here is it in spectator view, its very close to the slime farm.
looking good. I moved collection spot to where the spawn nether portal was, so I have to make a new home for the spawn nether entrance. thinking putting a building sorta next to spawn base, looking for ideas.


Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wolves Get Angry

I had an incident with the wolves after I finished the spawn base. I had been waling around the island for different views on the newest build, I picked up an egg, and then carelessly launched it. The egg happened to hit a wolf, and it angered 2 other wolves. I took off running in to the House of Slime, then one wolf, scaring me half to death, appears in the window, I thought he had gotten in, I jumped out of my seat irl! lol. Good times Minecraft :P
The wolves eventually stopped chasing me, though last I checked they were still growling, though not actively attacking or chasing me. Whew.

Friday, May 12, 2017

Spawn Base Complete Image Inspired

Using the Google search "minecraft community building" I came across this image of a row of houses. I though it was perfect, one, for our spawn home. I whipped it out in one sitting. Ive been getting a lot better with the Elytra wings, having fun flying here and there.
 Here are the pictures of the actual build. I'm hoping to work on the landscaping and pathways soon, that's not really my best work, lol.

I really liked the look of the trap doors here, this is the final look.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Community Garden Turns Spawn Community Base

I'm just getting started on this idea but I wanted to share the area, as it had been there from the beginning pretty much, being expanded a couple times. I cleared out the Community Farm to turn the area into a large bunker or base/ area for chests and beds at spawn if needed and could be used by anyone whenever. This is what we're starting with.

 happy viewing

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

EASY Item Elevator - Crop Storage Extension SILO

I needed to expand my storage collection system, so I found this item elevator on YouTube. If you search "Iskall Item Elevator", the video will come right up. Iskall85 is a Minecrafter I watch, very good stuff. This build is very easy to use, I am currently using 3 of them. One is at my slime farm, one on my mob sweeper farm, and this one on my wheat farm. My farmer is just too fast for one double chest  ♥ Here is the Silo, I made a cylinder around the 3x3 item elevator part, looking good.
Here is the redstone setup of the item elevator, I used glass on two of the designs, but not on the slime farms since the elevator had a long distance to come up through. It starts around level 9, and goes up to 60somthing, a few blocks above sea level


Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Finished Tower Roofs

I'm so excited to be done with these roof tops. I think it's looking great woot! I even updated the maps for a cool view

 flying in from the bridge, very cool looking :) I have to day I LOVE flying in Minecraft!
This map also shows the before and after of my Chorus Fruit farm! loving the colors :)

Saturday, May 6, 2017

Looking for Enderman Farm Ideas

 I made a simple 2 high tunnel in a couple of the obsidian towers to make a quick n dirty enderman grinder. Im looking online for different versions, scary working over the viod, Im a newb in this department. I have yet to do any real builds in the end, even on the servers Ive played on  I only viusted the end to xp grinders built by others. Looking forward to building my own grinder. Woot! Im currently looking at a design from PythonGB a Youtuber I like to watch.


Friday, May 5, 2017

Chorus Fruit Farm

I've been working on a chorus fruit farm! I need the blocks to finish my tower roof, but also just to have the blocks. I usually find a design online and use that, but I just threw something together of my own. It took a little time, and I spent a lot of time flying around viewing my work. Flying is just so much fun!

The bird's eye view, happy with the floor, but still clueless on the roof.

Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I managed to find another End City, this time one with an end ship! I Got bombarded at the bottom, with tons of shulkers shooting at me. Mind boggling how many were shooting at the same time, I just floated right up, pretty much to a one room with one shulker. It was much safer in the one room, and I got the single dude killed. I then looted the 2 chests I found and headed back down, taking out the shulkers as I descended.
 After defeating the shulkers there, I headed out to the pathway that led to the end ship. I made a block walkway as far as I had blocks on me, and then crossed my fingers and tossed an enderpearl. I got lucky, boom right on the top hopped straight down into the ship, killing the shulker inside and snatching up my Elytra wings!! 
 After looting the chests I headed back to the deck, and had it out with one last shulker. He hit me into the air many times, and it took a few swipes, but I was finally able to kill him. I collected a few blocks, headed to the front of the ship, blocked out and collected the Dragon head/ After which I made my way down to the return portal, to then try out my new wings.

How do they look?
:P - flame

Monday, May 1, 2017

Minecraft Monday It's May!

     Good morning, well it's morning for me, Monday morning to be exact. Hello and Happy May too! I have been working on the roof to my towers. I finished one side, and I noticed it did not come out just like the one I made in creative. I am a little sad by this, I just couldn't figure out how to work it, I think me not building the whole thing in creative it made the measurements off just a little. I made a new design work out for now, I think looks pretty good this way though.
 Two different viewpoints, and the temporary chorus fruit farms, excuse that mess.

By the way I am still on the other PC, waiting for mine to get fixed. I loaded the Soartex Fanver onto this computer, I really like it.