Monday, May 15, 2017

Breeding Explosion

Wowzers! I fed these guys, and while I was moving our cane farm, these guys bred so much. There were so many that a couple had glitched through the sides and were wandering around! I killed off a bunch of guys, mainly the nitwits, and a few of the others. Even after the slaughter these guys were down to making more! Just check out this screen shot.
 I moved the cane farm underground, it was just too much in the way above ground, it was blocking the view of the bridge from the spawn base community house. Here is it in spectator view, its very close to the slime farm.
looking good. I moved collection spot to where the spawn nether portal was, so I have to make a new home for the spawn nether entrance. thinking putting a building sorta next to spawn base, looking for ideas.


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