Wednesday, May 10, 2017

EASY Item Elevator - Crop Storage Extension SILO

I needed to expand my storage collection system, so I found this item elevator on YouTube. If you search "Iskall Item Elevator", the video will come right up. Iskall85 is a Minecrafter I watch, very good stuff. This build is very easy to use, I am currently using 3 of them. One is at my slime farm, one on my mob sweeper farm, and this one on my wheat farm. My farmer is just too fast for one double chest  ♥ Here is the Silo, I made a cylinder around the 3x3 item elevator part, looking good.
Here is the redstone setup of the item elevator, I used glass on two of the designs, but not on the slime farms since the elevator had a long distance to come up through. It starts around level 9, and goes up to 60somthing, a few blocks above sea level


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