Tuesday, May 2, 2017


I managed to find another End City, this time one with an end ship! I Got bombarded at the bottom, with tons of shulkers shooting at me. Mind boggling how many were shooting at the same time, I just floated right up, pretty much to a one room with one shulker. It was much safer in the one room, and I got the single dude killed. I then looted the 2 chests I found and headed back down, taking out the shulkers as I descended.
 After defeating the shulkers there, I headed out to the pathway that led to the end ship. I made a block walkway as far as I had blocks on me, and then crossed my fingers and tossed an enderpearl. I got lucky, boom right on the top hopped straight down into the ship, killing the shulker inside and snatching up my Elytra wings!! 
 After looting the chests I headed back to the deck, and had it out with one last shulker. He hit me into the air many times, and it took a few swipes, but I was finally able to kill him. I collected a few blocks, headed to the front of the ship, blocked out and collected the Dragon head/ After which I made my way down to the return portal, to then try out my new wings.

How do they look?
:P - flame

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