Sunday, April 30, 2017

Random Screenshots

 Just some random bits.
  Oops I looked, lol. I have water I win hahaha.
 The entrance to The End. I need to come up with a design here.
and below here, two of my farms at spawn. They are auto harvested by the villagers. When I harvest carrots my wheat guy always stares I think he wants to help plant the other guys crops lol.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

The ENDERMOM Has Arrived!

Well that's all folks, I did it! The Ender Dragon is no more, well until we decide to spawn another hehe.
I just jumped into the portal, no planning, just did it. I ran out of arrows, silly me! I didn't even have enough blocks to pillar up after shooting off all my arrows, to then but the last crystal.
oh and silly me ran off and LEFT THE DRAGON EGG, HAHAHA! anyway, now I can get onto some shulker boxes and some elytra wings and then my ROOF BLOCKS :P

now I have End Stone :)

Ill check back with the dragon egg as soon as I go back and get it hahaha

Friday, April 28, 2017

Move Along Lil Doggie

My daughter Val has a few dogs on spawn island. There is no "base" for them to stay in, she just left them in the way of course. Time to move along little doggies.
 Hello little guy, time for a boat ride :) hehe
 Here we goooo!
Hello Doggie Island!
I hope Val comes back and makes these guys somewhere cool to live ♥

Thursday, April 27, 2017

My PC is Damaged Sad Face

I'm currently on a different PC than I am normally on. An incident in real life, caused my PC to need some repairs. I hope to have these done sooner than later, Its just not the same on someone elses computer.

Found this image thought it was fitting, though my pc screen is just fine lol

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Avoiding the Ender Dragon

Just tying up some odds n ends, added on a temporary roof ring around the tops of my towers.
 I also moved around some villages, the nitwits, for a future 3rd iron farm? boating into the nitwit storage area :P
 Also worked a little on getting some more librarian villagers, more babies, but no more white coats, lol.
I know such an exciting Minecraft day! I was ill the night before so have mercy on my progress lol
Better now ♥

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Someones Been Sleeping in my Bed!

I finally had another member of my realm want to play, and it was my older brother, and he brought along a friend. I didn't play as I was SO TIRED. I logged on today, to a missing horse that had been tied up in my base (his name Brownie). I usually have Spot in there too, which is my main riding horse (shown in pictures), but we logged off at the spawner together and he was there when I logged on. Picture shows 2 empty fence posts, one was for Spot, one was for Brownie.
 They Mustve thought my wolves n doggies were lonely and brought back piggies, I saw a chicken too lol.
I have no idea what or where they built. Maybe I'll join them next time. Maybe they can help out with the Ender Dragon, but I bet they'd just get in the way hahaha.

** Edited Update**
I found Brownie, he was tied up at the tree farm lol

Monday, April 24, 2017

Tower Roof Choices

Hello, welcome back to my Minecraft "adventure". I was just playing around with a downloaded copy of my realms world, trying out some blocks. I'm really diggin the Pur-Pur blocks, of course I really like the block that I have absolutely zero of, lol. I will have to deal with the Ender Dragon, and go exploring in the END to finish this project, AAAHHHHH! okay, calm.. lol
here's what I was working with.

This second one is Birch. I forgot to mention which resource pack I am currently using, I like vanilla, but am using Soartex Fanver

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tower Roofs in Minecraft

CHEERS good day!
My two towers have been roofless for awhile. I hit a creative block and put it off, until NOW. Planning to finish the roofs within the next couple of days, searching ideas online, images, other blogs. Here's what Im working with at the moment. The windows are all different, you can tell on the fronts, I thought that would look better than being exactly the same all the way around.

The "Castle" bottom part was inspired by a design TangoTek (an MC youtuber) did on the Hermitcraft series 4.
The towers were used from another youtuber (just looked him up Wes Moula) I just searched "Minecraft tower" on google images, and found the link to that video. I don't want to copy the roof there though, and not add on the little mini tower out the side lol.

Saturday, April 22, 2017

A Flash From The Past - AKA Minecraft Birthday

In January 2015 we had a combined party for all 4 kiddos, the theme, perfect, MINECRAFT. I found a lot of cool ideas on Pinterest. I hand made the Creeper pinata, and all the foods, n goodies. Just wanted to share this Minecraft flashback :)

Friday, April 21, 2017

Pixel Art Fail

Well I tried to avoid mess ups, but darn it, it happens anyway lol. I built the letters in the wrong direction. I made the art from the last post, and copied it as is, forgetting to flip the letters. Oh well, I tore it down and rebuilt. not feeling so pumped about it, not as flashy as I thought it would be.
first pic is the letters the wrong way. fail. lol

finished product show in these last two pics. enough Minecraft for me, since it took me so much longer to build this one :P

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Possible Pixel Designs for my Mob Grinder

After measuring twice the area I need to fill, I set off to the inter-webs, mostly Google images, to figure out what to fill this large verticle 9x38 space. I really like the idea of using part of my game name. I found a couple of flame pieces, also crunched the numbers and found a set blocky letters to fill the rest with "FLAME" vertically.

Let me know what you think

Monday, April 17, 2017

I NEED Pixel Art

I started a new world on the Minecraft Realms back in January, It's come a long way since then, and I've basically been playing by myself, even though it is on the Realms which my family can play.
   My latest project or build addition is the open air area on my mob grinder. I added an on/off switch tp the sweeper arm, and that torch tower goes up over 38 blocks, so I'd like a design to cover it there across the back. The area I need to cover is 9x38 I believe shown here.

Im currently searching Google images and Pinterest for ideas. 38 is pretty tall, it may require a couple of stacked pixel art pieces. Wish me luck, or if anyone is reading, go ahead and HELP me out leave a comment ♥
That is all for now
Thanks for Reading

My First Post - Welcome

Welcome to my new blog. My IGN is flame_chick, Im a minecrafter, and mom to 4 little minecrafters ♥

  I started playing Minecraft after seeing one of my kids playing the pocket edition in kindergarten. My first encounters were on the Pocket Edition, and I had lots of fun. The doors really started opening up when I discovered the PC edition. My first few times playing the game were very traumatic, I didn't quite understand the game mechanics. Over the years I've gotten better, and while I still forget things from time to time, I have retained the basics to playing Minecraft :)
Ive been playing regularly on PC Minecraft since 2013, It's the longest Ive played any game, it's my favorite game by far. I enjoy playing by myself or with other more mature players on multiplayer servers, or on the realms.
I would like to start recording some gameplay, but still need to do a bit of learning about all that, recording editing, do I add a face cam, do I livestream, all things to figure out, so much to learn. I decided this blog may be the baby step I need to do first. I want to share some pics, rants, all basically MINECRAFT and game related.

  I wouldn't call myself a full blown gamer, just a selective gamer. I have played a few games over the years though, and would consider myself a fair game player. My first experiences playing video games were on my older brothers Nintendo the og NES. He would make me PAY HIM to play on his console, so I didn't get much play time. Consoles I've owner over the years, a Sega at one point, the og GameBoy, GameBoy advance, Nintendo 64, GameCube, PSone, Wii, Wii U, 3DS.
Some of my other favorite games;
-Animal Crossing New Leaf
-Animal Crossing (GameCube)
-Banjo Tooie
-Zelda Wind Waker
-Super Paper Mario
-Conker's Bad Fur Day
-Katamari Damacy
 (I feel like Im forgetting a few more AAHH lol)
anyway again WELCOME