Sunday, April 23, 2017

Tower Roofs in Minecraft

CHEERS good day!
My two towers have been roofless for awhile. I hit a creative block and put it off, until NOW. Planning to finish the roofs within the next couple of days, searching ideas online, images, other blogs. Here's what Im working with at the moment. The windows are all different, you can tell on the fronts, I thought that would look better than being exactly the same all the way around.

The "Castle" bottom part was inspired by a design TangoTek (an MC youtuber) did on the Hermitcraft series 4.
The towers were used from another youtuber (just looked him up Wes Moula) I just searched "Minecraft tower" on google images, and found the link to that video. I don't want to copy the roof there though, and not add on the little mini tower out the side lol.

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