Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Someones Been Sleeping in my Bed!

I finally had another member of my realm want to play, and it was my older brother, and he brought along a friend. I didn't play as I was SO TIRED. I logged on today, to a missing horse that had been tied up in my base (his name Brownie). I usually have Spot in there too, which is my main riding horse (shown in pictures), but we logged off at the spawner together and he was there when I logged on. Picture shows 2 empty fence posts, one was for Spot, one was for Brownie.
 They Mustve thought my wolves n doggies were lonely and brought back piggies, I saw a chicken too lol.
I have no idea what or where they built. Maybe I'll join them next time. Maybe they can help out with the Ender Dragon, but I bet they'd just get in the way hahaha.

** Edited Update**
I found Brownie, he was tied up at the tree farm lol

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